1. Name of the Organization: The Office of Resident Commissioner, New Delhi, under the administrative control of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (PA&R) Department Government of West Bengal, was established in July 1969.

2. Functions:   Being the principal coordinating interface of Government of West Bengal in New Delhi it is serving as an important link between the Governments of India and West Bengal. The Resident Commissioner functions as its administrative representative  in New Delhi is, inter alia,  remaining responsible for  the following:

i) Issues/proposals of the State Government with various Ministries of Government of India.

ii) Release of grants/financial assistance for various schemes under different programs for the State Government.

iii) Proposals to obtain President’s assent on Bills and Ordinances of the State.

iv) Exchange of information between Government of India and various Departments of the State and vice-versa.

v) Organizing meetings, fixing appointments and providing relevant information for use of the Governor, Chief Minister, Ministers and other dignitaries during their visit to New Delhi.

vi) Clearances for foreign visits,

vii) Represents the State Government in different meetings and conferences.

viii) Protocol arrangements for visiting dignitaries.

ix) Render timely official assistance to the people from West Bengal in the National Capital Region (NCR) and other States during crisis/disaster situations.

3. Officers of the Organization:

SL No. Name of the Officer Designation Contact
1. Dr. Krishna Gupta, IAS Principal Resident Commissioner (011) 2334-4269
(011) 2374-2695
Fax: (011) 2374-7203
email: info@rcwb.in
2. Shri Prasenjit Das Deputy Resident Commissioner (Additional Charge) (011) 2374-8134
91- 9958300499
email: ddi@rcwb.in
3. Shri Rajdeep Datta Liaison Officer (011) 2334-4269
email: lowb@rcwb.in
4. Shri Manish Sharma Deputy Resident Commissioner (011) 2334-4269
(011) 2374-2695
Fax: (011) 2374-7203
email: manishsharma@rcwb.in
5. Vacant IT Manager (011) 2374-8134
6. Shri Swayambhu Dey Treasury Officer (011) 2334- 8762
91- 9910233282
email: treasuryofficer@rcwb.in
9. Shri Purushattam Sengupta Addl. Treasury Officer (011)2336- 4953
email: purushattam.sengupta@rcwb.in
10. Shri Ankit PA to RC (011)2336- 4953
email: ankit@rcwb.in


4. Powers & Duties of the Officers & Staff of the Office:

SL No. Name Designation Duties & Responsibilities
1. Dr. Krishna Gupta, IAS Principal Resident Commissioner(PRC) Resident Administrative Representative of the State Government in New Delhi
2. Shri Prasenjit Das Deputy Resident Commissioner (Additional Charge) Establishment, Identity Card & Security Passes, Maintenance & Hygiene of Office ,  Seating & storing Arrangement, Transport & Vehicle Management, Coordination with Transport Department, GoWB, all Economic Ministries & Ministry Of Home Affairs  GoI including Protocol,  2 no. Circular Road State Guest House. Assist PRC as & when required.
3. Shri Rajdeep Datta Liaison Officer DDO, Social Ministries GoI including Protocol, PWD, Foreign Visit Clearances and Banga Bhawan. Assist PRC as & when required.
4. Shri Manish Sharma Deputy Resident Commissioner Foreign Visit Clearances
5. Vacant IT Manager ERP, LAN(office-networking), all matters relating to computerization & e- Governance program.
6. Shri Swayambhu Dey Treasury Officer Officer-in-charge of the Treasury & duties as assigned by PRC
7. Smt. Nivedita Bal Special Officer All function related to Cultural & Promotions aspects
8. Shri Purushattam Sengupta Addl Treasury Officer Additional Treasury Officer, procurement and duties as assigned by PRC
9. Smt. Manasi Sircar Accountant Service Book, Establishment Matters, Pay Bills & Other Bills, Income Tax, Audit Reply and other establishment related matters
10. Shri Sandip Chatterjee Accountant, Treasury Treasury works, Preparation of all contingent bills, Maintenance of Immovable & Stock Register, Preparation of Budget, Income Tax
11. Ankit Roka PA to RC Secretarial, stenographic and other assistance
12. Shri Ram Kewal Ram Typist Normal typing work, fuel bill file
13. Shri Srijata Choudhury UDA Part of vehicle management system, Maintenance of File Indexing System, Preparation of Contact Info Database
14. Smt Paramita Mukherjee UDA ERP and establishment work
15. Shri Hari Shanker UDA Treasury work, Vehicle Management System
16. Shri Raja Basu Protocol Executive Protocol Duties, Clearance for foreign tour, files relating to vehicles maintenance, other liaison work
17. Shri Sanjay Verma Protocol Executive Protocol Duties and co-ordination with Central Govt. Offices allotted from time to time, Festivals
18. Shri Raju Kumar Sinha LDA Contingency Bills, Vehicle Management
19. Shri Somnath Chakraborty LDA Income Tax, Vehicle Management, Repairing & Maintenance of B&B Pool Car
20. Shri Sandeep Pal Protocol Executive Secretarial, Website Maintenance, Attestation/Apostille
21. Shri Shrikant Sharma DEO Secretarial, Attestation/Apostille, Receptions of Governor, other assistance to PRC
22. Shri Rajkumar Sharma DEO Scanning & uploading of DAK, Multi Tasking Job, ERP, Maintenance of Stock, Bio-metric Attendance Record
23. Shri Ram Chandra Records Supplier Attachment to Establishment section, delivery of DAK, file maintenance and keeping
24. Shri Amba Dutt Despatch Clerk Despatch work, scanning & uploading of DAK, custodian of used spare parts and scraps of Govt vehicles.
25. Gadhadhar Biswas LDA file recording & other  assistance
26. Shri Nimai Chandra Haldar Group D Attachment to Treasury
27. Shri M Palaniswamy Group D Group D duties 2nd floor
28. Shri S. Srinivasan Group D Group D duties 3rd floor

5. Procedure Followed in Decision Making:

Principal Resident Commissioner is the head of the Office is empowered to take final decisions. Under his delegated authority the LO functions as DDO supervising the functions of establishment, protocol, liaison and transport sections. The Treasury is supervised by Shri Anil Kumar Pandit, TO on behalf of PRC. While PRC also administratively controls the West Bengal Information & Cultural Centre (WBICC), New Delhi under him Deputy Director of Information, Shri Prasenjit Das  supervises its daily functioning. A well-defined hierarchical level has been followed laying down channels of submission and levels of disposal.

6. Details of Basic Pay & Grade Pay:


Sl. No (1) Name of Employees(2) Designation (3) Pay Band(4) Pay Scale(5)+G.P
1 Dr. Krishna Gupta, IAS Principal Resident Commissioner
2 Shri  Prasenjit Das DDI & DRC (Addl. Charge) PB-4A 15600-42000+6600
3 Shri Rajdeep Datta LO PB-4A 15600-42000+6600
4 Shri  Manish Sharma Deputy Resident Commissioner PB-4A 15600-42000+6600
5 Vacant IT Manager PB-4A 15600-42000+6600
6 Shri Swayambhu Dey Treasury Officer PB-4A 15600-42000+6600
7 Shri Purushottam Sengupta Addl Treasury Officer PB-4A 15600-42000+5400
8 Smt. Manasi Sircar Accountant PB-4 9000- 40500+4400
9 Shri Ankit Stenographer PB-3 7100-37600+3600
10 Shri Hari Shanker UDA PB-3 7100-37600+3600
11 Smt Srijata Choudhury UDA PB-3 7100-37600+3600
12 Smt Paramita Mukherjee UDA PB-3 7100-37600+3600
13 Shri Raja Basu Protocol Executive Consolidated Rs. 32000/-
14 Shri Sanjay Verma Protocol Executive Consolidated Rs. 27810/-
15 Shri Raju Kumar Sinha LDA PB-2 5400-25200+2600
16 Shri Somnath Chakraborty LDA PB-2 5400-25200+2600
17 Shri Gadadhar Biswas LDA PB-2 5400-25200+2600
18 Shri Raj Kumar Sharma DEO Consolidated Rs. 17908/-
19 Shri Sandeep Pal Protocol Executive Consolidated Rs.25000/-
20 Shri Shrikant Sharma DEO Consolidated Rs.17908/-
21 Shri Ram Kewal Ram Typist PB-3 7100-37600+3600
22 Shri Ram Chandra Record Supplier PB-2 5400-25200+1900
23 Shri Amba Dutt Despatch Clerk PB-2 5400-25200+2600
24 Shri Nimai Chandra Haldar Group D PB-1 4900-16200+1800
25 Shri M. Palaniswamy Group D PB-1 4900-16200+1700
26 Shri S. Srinivasan Group D PB-1 4900-16200+1700
27 Shri Bidyut Kar Driver PB-2 5400-25200+2600
28 Shri Laxman Singh Driver PB-3 7100-37600+3200
29 Shri Anil Kumar Driver PB-3 7100-37600+3200
30 Shri Ajit Kumar Tantubai Driver PB-3 7100-37600+3200
31 Shri Rabindra Nath Jana Driver PB-3 7100-37600+3200
32 Shri Suresh Chand Driver PB-2 5400-25200+2900
33 Shri Kundan Singh Negi Driver PB-2 5400-25200+2900
34 Shri Deepak Kumar Driver PB-2 5400-25200+2600
35 Shri Bachchan Roy Driver PB-2 5400-25200+2600
36 Shri Deepak Rana Driver PB-2 5400-25200+2600
37 Shri Mukesh Kumar Solanki Driver PB-2 5400-25200+2600
38 Shri Shobharam Pokhriyal Driver PB-2 5400-25200+2600

7. West Bengal Information Commission- www.wbic.gov.in

8. Public Information Officer of Office of Resident Commissioner and WBICC:

Office of Information & Culture Affairs
Shri Prasenjit Das
Tel: (011) 23363775
Email: ddi@rcwb.in

9. Public Information Officer of Treasury:

Shri Swayambhu Dey
Tel: (011) 2334- 8762, Mob: 91-9910233282, 91-8826099306
Email: treasuryofficer@rcwb.in

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Last Updated on: October 17th, 2017