Citizens’ Charter

Office of the Resident Commissioner
Goverment of West Bengal

A/2 State Emporia Buildings
Baba Kharak Singh Marg
New Delhi – 110001


About the office of Resident Commissioner

The Office of Resident Commissioner, Government of West Bengal was established in July, 1969


Provide a proactive and responsive interface between the Government of West Bengal & Government of India for effectively benefitting the citizens.


Foster excellence by ensuring purposeful coordination for prompt service-delivery, efficient flow and exchange of information, quick and humane response to crises situations and for promoting citizen-friendly and citizen-centric governance

Delivery Commitments

We commit to deliver the following services provided the documents required are adduced while seeking the service.
List of required document is provided against each service item in the box below:

SL No.Services to the CitizensDays/HrsRemark
1.Domicile Authentication of people from West Bengal residing ordinarily in the National Capital Region (NCR).30 daysIf all the documents are correctly provided. If such authentication requires inputs from District Magistrates or any other Authority in West Bengal, then maximum 30 working days.
2.Legalization of documents under the Hague Apostilles Convention.30 daysProvided all the documents are in order.
3.Verification for passports application30 days30 days, provided all the required documents are in proper order.
4.Authentication of Students and their documents for admission in various institutions of NCR30 daysThe verification would be done in thirty days, provided all the documents are in order.
5.Information regarding West Bengal( except legal & administrative)07 daysWithin 7 working days. In case of any complex matter, the information dissemination will require more than 7 days. Information relating to research oriented work would be provided as early as possible. It would be difficult to fix-up a specific time period in this regard. But the office would be highly concerned and would take quick follow–up action.
6.Information on Government In consonance with the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005. For details access link of West Bengal Information Commission
7.Trade & Commerce Related Enquiries3 daysTo be provided in consultation with Department of Commerce & Industries, West Bengal.
8.Tourism Related Enquiries3 daysTo be provided in consultation with Department of Tourism, West Bengal.
9.Crisis Situations3 HrsIn any crisis situation affecting the people of West Bengal outside the State, prompt efforts will be made to rescue, aid or assist them by establishing first-link within three hours followed by support action warranted by the situation and as admissible under the Rules. The toll-free number 1800-11-3330 can be used for relaying details of any such crisis.

Grievance Redress

For redressing any grievance, citizens can contact:

Shri Rajdeep Datta
Liaison Officer and Deputy Resident Commissioner
Tel: 011- 2374- 8134/ 8826099307

If not satisfied Principal Resident Commissioner (Appellate Authority) may be approached. Any grievance received would be addressed in 2 working days subject to the rules and laws of the Government, provided it is specific, authentic and is not filed with any malicious or defamatory intent.

Treasury & Pension Matters

In case of any treasury or pension related- matter contact:

Shri Saket Shrivastava,
Pay & Accounts Officer
Tel: 011- 2334- 8762, 8826099306

Important Contacts

SL No.NameTelephone/MobileFaxE-mail
1.Office of Resident Commissioner
A/2 State Emporia Buildings
Baba Kharak Singh Marg
New Delhi 110001
(011) 2334- 4269
(011) 2374- 2695
(011) 2374-
2.Resident Commissioner(011) 2334- 4269(011)
3.LO and DRC(011) 2334- 4269(011)
4.DDI(011) 23344269, 2374-8134 (011)
5.Pay & Accounts Officer(011) 2334- 8762 (011)
6.Addl. Pay & Accounts Officer(011) 2336- 5943 (011)
7.PA to RC(011) 2374- 2695 (011)