Duties & Activities

The Office of Resident Commissioner is the principal coordinating interface of the Government of West Bengal in New Delhi serving as an important link between the Governments of India and West Bengal. Functioning as the administrative head of the Government of West Bengal in New Delhi the Resident Commissioner is, inter alia, responsible for following up on the:

i) Pending issues/proposals of the State Government with various Ministries of Government of India.

ii) Release of grants/financial assistance for various schemes under different programs for the State Government.

iii) Proposals to obtain President’s assent on Bills and Ordinances of the State.

The office is also an information disseminating agency working to provide information to Government of India from various Departments of the State and vice-versa, render possible assistance by organizing meetings, fixing appointments and providing relevant information and documents for the Governor, Chief Minister, Ministers and other dignitaries during their visit to New Delhi. Obtain clearances for the foreign visits of the VIPs and other senior officials of the State. Represent the State Government in different meetings and conferences. Procure notifications/ resolutions/orders from various Ministries of Government of India and provide them to the State Government. Make all protocol arrangements for the visiting dignitaries to New Delhi. Render official assistance to the people from West Bengal in the National Capital Region (NCR) and its neighboring States at the time of crisis and disaster.

Action against women & child trafficking, bonded labour is been coordinated under orders Delhi High Court. In consonance with the direction of the President of India action plan for preventing child marriages is being developed for Purulia and Bankura districts with the active assistance of UNICEF Kolkata.